Useful websites/APPS on study skills, exam preparation, assistive technology, on-line tutorials, revision notes, subject specific resources.

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Useful websites/APPS on study skills, exam preparation, assistive technology, on-line tutorials, revision notes, subject specific resources.


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General sites

This site includes advice and analysis of exam papers across many subjects.  It has podcasts giving advice in the final run-up to the exams in June.   It has revision notes in some subjects.


  • A range of literature study guides including a wide range of Shakespearian plays and many novels.
  • A number of animated video guides to some of the plays (Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, etc.) and some novels (To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1984 etc.).
  • There are also No Fear Guides for some of the plays (Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Macbeth, Hamlet, etc.) and some novels. These provide the original text on one half of the page, with modern English language version on the other half of the page.
  • There are study notes on subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, History and Maths. It includes a section on poetry with specific poets such as Dickinson, Donne, Eliot, Frost, and Yeats.

  • Includes revision notes, flashcards for key vocabulary, list of key quotations, videos for JC and LC in a wide range of subjects including technical subjects such as Engineering and DCG. Poems in the Irish syllabus are read aloud.

  • Website for the UK GCSE and A levels, with free revision guides and study tips in subject such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Maths, Economics etc.

Study and exam sites  (also IOS and Android)

Evernote helps to organise revision by taking notes, images, audio, pdfs, with export options to email.   Everword Flashcards help with memorising important information such as words, phrases or figures.

APP: GoodNotes 4 (iOS)

GoodNotes lets you take handwritten notes and annotate PDF documents. The handwritten notes are searchable. Thanks to iCloud sync, documents in GoodNotes synchronize between the iPad and iPhone automatically.  (also iOS, Android)

Basic account gives access to exam papers, marking schemes, some study aids/notes and advice on layout of paper.   There is a ‘A’ Grade account for €5.99 per month which has unseen exam papers and premium  revision notes.

APP:  Notability (iOS, Android)

This app can be used to record lectures or meetings. You can hand-write or type notes at the same time, and then click on that section to jump to that point in the recording.  Notability can also be used to import PDF, Word, PowerPoint and other documents and these can then be annotated with your own notes.  Android options are also available. Checkout AudioNote, Audio Note Player for Android.

This provides support for students heading into third level courses.  It helps the student set up an effective study system, how to take effective notes, planning and writing academic papers, writing bibliographies, etc.

Study tips, templates for goals setting and timetables, links to revision sites.

This site provides an analysis of past papers in the LC and JC by topic as well as the marking schemes.  It also has notes and videos on different topics.  However basic access to 2 questions and 2 marking schemes is free.  Otherwise it is €25 for access to the resources for all subjects for one year.

VARK is an on-line questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences.


Assistive Technology

This site has

  • Study guides for LC students on topics such as proof-reading, academic writing style, how to memorise Information, improving reading speed, making mindmaps etc.
  • Lots of information on Assistive Technology and how to customise your computer as well as web tutorials on the use of the internet and Microsoft Office. It shows how to convert text to MP3 /audio files.  It also has touch-typing courses  and a study skills tutorial for dyslexia students from Brite.
  • Study skills resources for students.
  • Links to sites for subject specific support.

UCC has a Disability Support Service which runs free training in a variety of Assistive Technology for educators, parents and students within their catchment area.   The website also has videos on a wide range of assistive technology such as:

  • Converting text to audio using Read and Write Gold
  • Making teaching and learning materials accessible
  • Overview of assistive technology for writing difficulties
  • Touchtyping advice and resources
  • Using MS Word to help with reading difficulties
  • Using mind-mapping for schoolwork and homework.


Subject specific websites


Art History .  This link has powerpoint presentations on different topics from the History of Art course for LC.

Engineering, DCG, Technology

This website has a link to Engineering notes and powerpoints. also has material for Engineering, DCG and Technology on their website.



Website for St. Columba’s English Department.  It covers poetry, drama, essays and includes podcasts on key texts for the LC such as Hamlet, King Lear and MacBeth.  An example is Podcast 21 which is the third in a series of 6 podcasts on King Lear which are about 10 minutes each.  This Podcast features 10 quotations and examines the quotations as key moments in the play, linking them to the rest of the text and prompting fresh reflection on the themes and characters.   Podcast 24 is about patterns in poetry.

Full of information and articles for JC and LC English.  Winner of a Blog Award 2014.  There is a charge for some of the topics such as Poetry Guides.

Free downloads of audio books, poetry and some textbooks for MP3s, computers, iPads, and Kindle.

Free audio books including Shakespearian plays.


Website designed for the Geography students in Presentation School Wexford, but has grown to help all students studying Geography at LC level. (If the above link does not open, search for Leaving Certificate Geography Presentation Wexford).


Website for the Leaving Certificate History class in St. Patricks Comprehensive School, Shannon.


Home Economics

Resources for JC and LC Home Economics



Resources on the study of Irish with sections on prose, poetry, essays, the oral Irish etc.

APP:    Nemo  Irish  Gaelic  for  iOS  and  Android.

Nemo Irish Gaelic is a free language app concentrating on pronunciation in the Irish language. It mixes flashcards and spoken words.


Languages   (also iOS and Android)

This site provides interactive learning of languages in progressive stages with extensive writing and diction exercises.  Languages include Irish, French, Spanish, German and Italian.   (also iOS and Android)

Memrise focuses on teaching languages to students and uses visual flashcards to help them remember words and phrases for many different languages. Although the app focuses on languages it can be used to learn geography, history and sciences.

This website has links to French and German newspapers and radio stations.

APP:   Think Bilingual! (iOS)

This App guides the learner to think in the target language through immersion in real-life situations.  The current version is free.



Free on-line course in Project Maths with video tutorials of lessons at JC and LC levels in both ordinary and higher levels.  The site also covers topics in Physics and Chemistry.

APP:  Math  for  iOS

The Math app, produced by, offers basic and advanced levels of mathematics to suit the needs and level of the user. The app provides lessons, video tutorials and multiple choice questions as well as work sheets to ensure that the user is getting the most out of their own personal math tutor.

Materials Technology (Wood) and Metalwork   Under the tab ‘subjects’, there are workbooks to provide easy access to the theory of Junior Certificate Materials Technology (Wood) and  Metalwork.
Science (iOS and Android)

The Biodigital Human allows thousands of 3D visualisations of the anatomy of the human body.  Available free or with additional features at a premium rate.   Study notes in JC Science, LC Physics and Applied Maths with some material on Biology.

Notes and resources for Junior Certificate Science.

Frogblog contains short and snappy articles on topics in Science, Environment, Engineering, from Astronomy to zoology.  It is for science enthusiasts of all ages.  From 2013 it is not longer being updated, but the archive remains active.

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