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Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park

lullymoreheritageparkPupils from TY2, along with their history and science teachers experienced a 9,000 year journey through landmark periods of Irish history, from the arrival of the early Mesolithic settlers, the dawning of Christianity and through to turbulent times of rebellion and famine – the past truly came  to life with the park’s interactive multi-media, replica dwellings and exhibitions. St Paul’s pupils were the first to experience the new upgrades to the park, which included a monk telling the students about his life in a monastery.

We then went on a serene meander through glassy lakes and rejuvenating peat land of birch, heathers and bog cotton. We were told the story of how the Irish midlands raised great bogs,  including the Bog of Allen, which were 10,000 years in the making.




Strictly Come Dancing @ St Pauls 10/3/16

strictly 1
On Thursday night last St. Pauls Gym came alive when our TY students put on their dancing shoes and performed an excellent Strictly Come Dancing show. Since January these students have been put through their paces learning their routines and their group dances and all the hard work paid off. The packed crowd enjoyed a variety of top quality dances of Charlestons, jives, waltz’s, cha cha and hip hop. Our MC’s for the nigh Mr. Ryan and Ms. Doyle kept the crowd entertained and the judging panel of Ms. A Doyle, Mr McGillicuddy, Ms Quinn and Lisa McDonagh critiqued the dancers every move. At the end of the night 4 couples were tied on 36pts after the judge’s votes but the audience voting system decided on our top 3 places.

1. Anna Connolly and Grainne Clarke dancing a jive to ‘The Boy does Nothing’

2. Darragh Foley and Katie Burke dancing a Charleston to ‘Pencil Full of Lead’

3. Mick Nash and Sarah Hanlon dancing a Charleston to ‘No Americano’

A huge well done to all dancers on such a great night.

strictly 2

strictly 3


oiliverSt. Paul’s Transition Year students have recently performed their production of ‘Oliver to great acclaim in front of over 1000 members of the public. The students and teachers have put months of preparation into this show and it has definitely payed off.

We had our dress rehearsal on Wednesday 9th of December and some of the members of the gospel choir and Fr. Liam Merrigan, came along to watch us. We did two matinée performances, one on Thursday 9th and one on Friday 10th December. Teachers and students from St. Peter’s National School and Lackagh National School came to our matinée performance on Thursday, and Scoil Eimhin Naofa, St, John’s School and Kildangan National School came to watch us on the Friday. Service users and staff from Moore Abbey, Muiriosa Services also came to the performance on the Friday. The matinée performance went a lot smoother on Friday but they both went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

After each of the matinée performances we had our actual shows. We were all very nervous on the Thursday night as it was the first night and we hadn’t done a full run through without any mistakes, but the show was amazing! It went really well with no mistakes. Everyone had a great time and seemed to really enjoy the show.

The pressure was on for Friday night after Thursday had gone so well. Thankfully the show went just as well as the night before if not better! It was an incredible experience that we are all so proud and happy to have been a part of.

On behalf of all the transition year students of St. Paul’s Secondary School, Monasterevin I’d like to say a huge thank you to every single person who came to see our show. Also a BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, too many to mention, but all of whom were mentioned on the Show Programme seen by all of those who attended. Thank you to all the teachers and staff along with the many students who helped us with the show. A special thank you to our three directors, Ms. Murray, Ms. Barrett and Mr. Keenan, as without all of their hard work this show would never had happened.

By Sarah Roche (TY Student)

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TY Dáil Trip

TY1, along with their History teacher, went along to the Dáil last Thursday 26th November at the invitation of local Senator, John Whelan. Welcoming the group to the Dáil, Senator Whelan arranged a guided tour of the Dáil, where the pupils were told of the building’s origins and history. We were also given an insight into the workings of the Dáil and Seanad chambers, while sessions were in progress. Afterwards we were brought to the (in)famous Dáil bar for some light refreshments, courtesy of Senator Whelan. An interesting day was had by all, giving us a better idea of how the state is run and from where.


Uisce 2015 

7th-9th of October  

On the Wednesday we met up at the main entrance at the school at 6:50. We left just after 7. The bus drive was about 5 hours, but we stopped half way to get food. When we got there we were introduced to the people who work there and were told about the rules. We were then showed where our rooms which were upstairs, most rooms had 2 bunk beds and 1 single bed, a shower and bathroom, we then got ready for our first activity. We met up back downstairs and were split into two groups. My group were first to do the water activity which was kayaking. We got into our wetsuits and got helmets and life jackets. We had a choice to go in a double or single kayak and had to carry them down to the bay. We were first showed how the life jackets worked which was very helpful for those who weren’t confident in the water. We were then taught how to turn around in the water and how to go in each direction. Once we were used to that we had a race. Afterwards we were allowed jump into the water or swim around. When we were finished both groups switched so it was my groups turn to do orienteering. We went in twos and one of each person’s legs were tied together and one person was also blindfolded. We were then given a map on where to go and a red card which had numbers and spaces underneath them. When we got to the number on the map eg.1 there was a puncher which you punched the red card with and made different designs for each number. After that we got dinner and had 2 hours for free time, where we could play basketball, table tennis, football and rugby. Then we had our first night activity which was archery where we were then split into smaller groups of 5. After that we had to throw an egg off the roof without it breaking and you were given a plastic bag, 2 balloons, tape and an egg. Only one team’s egg didn’t break. We then had supper and at 11 we had to go to bed.

On the Thursday we got up at half 8 and got breakfast and then went and got ready for the morning activities. We first of all played games, the first one was paddy and polo which is where two people are blind folded and given each name and paddy shouted paddy and polo shouted polo and paddy had to find polo by following their voice whereas polo had to try get away from paddy. We then got in groups of two and were told of different positions to do when a certain word was said and the last group to do it was out and it stayed going till there was a winner. We then went on to do body boarding. When we got to the beach we did a warm up by running around the beach. Then got into the water and when a wave came you turned away from it and most of the time you could get on top of it and brought with it. After we went and got lunch and went onto the next activity which was kart building, we were split into the groups of 5 again and were given instructions on how to build it. Once everyone’s carts were built we went outside and there was a course set up and each team raced around it and were timed, two people sat in the karts while the rest pushed you. The second time the drivers were blindfolded and the people who were pushing had to tell them when to turn. We then went peer diving. The first jump was small and only a few steps up, the next one people were doing cannon balls etc, the last one was extremely high and people did the same. The majority of people did the dives but the people who didn’t want to could just swim around the harbour or go on the surf board. After we went and got dinner and had free time again. We then did our night activity which was a ceilí. We were thought different dances and afterwards we had a disco. We then went to bed at 11pm.

On Friday we got up and got breakfast as usual. We packed up our stuff and brought our bags down to the ping pong room. Our first activity was raft building, you basically got rope, wood and bottles and had to make a raft. Once everyone built their raft we brought them to the water and there was one of the leaders out in the sea on a surf board we had to race out to him and back again and then dismantle our rafts, first ones finished won. After that we did rock climbing which was a lot harder than expected. After we got lunch, each activity was graded and the winning team got green wristbands and everyone else got red ones and also got an envelope with the courses that they do and a 20% off any course if we wanted to go back during the summer. We then went to the bus, we stopped off at the same place on the way up to get food and then we got back to the school at 6.

I think Uisce was a really good experience for everyone and it brought people closer and some people who wouldn’t normally talk now do which is really good. The leaders there were all so friendly and easy going. I think everyone really enjoyed it. It was a really good bonding trip for all the TYs.

Aoife Siney


It was an early start ar an gCéadaoin an seachtú lá do Dheireadh Fomhair. The take off was delayed a little… but we had a great turas ar an mbus! We reached Uisce 5Uisce at 12.30 and met with the leaders. There was no delay in getting into the UISCE! All students took part in every activity including archery, body boarding, pier jumping, kayaking, raft building and cart building! Bhain gach duine taitneamh as na himeachtaí go léir! Ar an Déardaoin bhí oíche iontach againn ag an gcéilí… Uachtar Reoite the best song by far! A few new moves were learnt that night. (Éire abú) D’fhoghlaim gach duine cúpla focal nua…. go háirithe na buachaillí ón Spáinn! Everyone was faoi bhrón agus tuirseach traochta ag dul abhaile… Bhain gach duine taitneamh as an turas ar fad! A special mention has to be made to the hero AUSTIN (AN CEANNAIRE) an gaelgeoir agus an damhseoir is fear!!

Uisce 3

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Lullymore Heritage and Ecology Park Trip

On Thursday Sept 24th, the hardy souls of TY1 went with their History and Science teachers on a fieldtrip to sample what historical and scientific delights Lullymore Heritage and Ecology Park could offer them. Packed into a minibus and two cars, off they set.

The Group were met by a very nice man called Ray Stapleton, who knew his stuff.

We were first brought to cottage that contained replicas of a monastery, St Patrick’s Stone, a monk working on a scriptorium and a holy well. On our way to the next exhibit, we visited a 1798 forge, with lots of pikes hanging on the wall, all Wexford pikes as apparently the Kildare pike had an axe on the tip! Next we visited a Famine Cottage to explore the delights that those left behind in Ireland after the 1840s had to endure.

Following a much needed break, the group got their next wish of riding about the choo-choo,,,around the park, seeing the entire site from the comfort of a train.
heritage and biodiversityThen we started on the ecology part of the trip. Samples were taken of tree leaves, grasses and insects. We were told about the history of the bog, got to see a bog body and went to do a bitof digging in the bog. The first timers using the sleán weren’t too bad at all.

TY2 will be going on their trip in March/April ’16