The EDEN Center (ASD Specific Classroom)

The  EDEN (Exceptional and Diverse Educational Needs) Center

The  EDEN Center  is St. Paul’s dedicated ASD Class which will open in September 2023. Autism Classes are attached to mainstream schools and specifically cater for pupils with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

One main advantage of these classes is that, unlike mainstream school classrooms, they have a much lower pupil-teacher ratio and may also receive a ‘baseline’ level of SNA support. This ensures that there’s as much intensive support as possible for pupils to develop and fulfil their ISP’s (Individual Student Plan). Additionally, ASD classes provide the opportunity for students to follow the curriculum at pace and level appropriate to them and to participate in mainstream activities and classes where they are able.

For information on the curriculum and support offered  in the EDEN Center, please contact the DEN Coordinator. 

An application form for enrolment in the The EDEN Center is on the school website under the “Admissions” tab. A General Admissions form must also be completed.