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Welcome to the HSCL section of our School Website.  St Paul’s HSCL Co-ordinator is Wayne Harrington.  Wayne acts as a link between the school, the home and the community.  He looks for ways to support parents and to help them to remain involved in their child’s school life. Positive and regular communication between school and home is vital in ensuring the development of the student while attending our school. All parents are welcome to meet with him and he visits as many homes as is possible throughout the year.
Wayne is also here to help in the transition of students from Primary to Secondary School. In this regard, Wayne visits the families of as many as possible of the incoming 1st Year students. Exchanging information and offering parents advice on making the transitional change as smooth as possible for the student, are the key elements of these visits.
Wayne is also a part of the pastoral care team in the school, whose function is to ‘keep an eye out’ for the welfare and wellbeing of all students in the school. This group meets on a weekly basis with a view to ensuring the holistic/healthy development of our students.
In addition, Wayne organises classes for parents and encourages them to attend. The school believes that parents play a vital role in the ongoing education of their children and Wayne helps parents to develop their potential in this area. Parents/guardians, who are actively involved in the life of St Paul’s, are sending a very strong message of support and encouragement to their sons/daughters attending the school.
Paul is involved in many other key parts of the school and community including Policy Formation, Local Committees, and the further development of Literacy and Numeracy in St Paul’s and the wider community.
Wayne can be contacted at 085 8400666 (Monday- Friday)