World Book Day Events

As part of the celebrations for World Book Day, Thursday March 3rd, first and second year students re-designed book covers for their novels. The first year novel was “Wonder” and second year was “The Outsiders”. The winners were Christine Worrell, Alana Bailey and Angela Leonardo from first years. Second year winners were Rebecca McElhannan, Angel Lawal and Taylor Doran.

wbd4The first years got to dress up on Friday as their favourite book characters. The St Paul’s literacy team organised all events for the week and picked the winners for the dress up day and the book covers. The winner from 1A1 was Ciara O’Gorman who was dressed up as the Queen of hearts from “Alice in Wonderland”, the winners from 1A2 was Shannon Maher who was dressed up as the scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz” and 1A3 winner was Patrick Duffy who was dressed up as Grandpa Joe Bucket from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Each winner got a book token and an Easter egg.



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