What is the JCSP?

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What is the Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP)

It is a Department of Education and Skills Programme, only available to DEIS schools and its aim is to support the Junior Certificate students in their education. The initiatives and supports may be offered to specific years, targeted students or on occasion the whole school. The exact programme will vary from school to school but will contain the following

  • Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives,
  • Subject Statements and Cross Curricular Statements,
  • Recording Achievements, Profiling and Certification,
  • Rewards and Celebrations.

Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives

Each year the Core Team will decide on the literacy and numeracy initiatives and to whom they will apply. The initiatives will be spread throughout the years and calendar.  The purpose of these initiatives is to develop students experience and competency in reading, writing, oral language skills and maths.

Subject Statements and Cross Curricular Statements

In St Paul’s each JCSP student will have a Subject Statement Booklet with a list of statements of learning associated with each topic for each subject. At the end of a review, chapter or topic the subject teacher will assist the students in completing the relevant statements. Students will agree with the teacher and record the level of proficiency achieved in each statement.

Recording Achievements, Profiling and Certification

In third year the subject statement booklet for targeted students will be forwarded to the Department of Education for certification. In addition to this certification, the school will prepare a personal statement for each student detailing their participation in the programme and their achievements in school.

Rewards and Celebrations

Celebrating student achievements and successful initiatives are an integral part of the JCSP programme at St Paul’s. Classes, years or targeted students may be rewarded for their successful participation in initiatives with gift tokens, awards, trips or the JCSP summer camps.


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Final Profiling