TY Geography Field Trip

On Monday 9th September TY2 went on a Geography field trip to Glenbarrow Co. Laois. The purpose of the field trip was to give an idea of what Leaving Cert Geography would be like and to get practice at completing a Field Study.

We left the school at 9.30 and Mr Marron drove the bus. We were split into two groups at Glenbarrow to study the upper course and lower course of the river. Mr Marron led the group at the upper course, while Ms Behan and Sr Angela led the group at the lower course.


At the two courses of the river investigations were carried out. All students were active and were assigned different roles such as timing, measuring and recording the results.

The investigations done were to figure out the speed, the depth and the width of the river; what the rocks at the bottom were like; and the angle of the valley. It was a v-shaped valley in Glenbarrow.

We spent two hours at Glenbarrow and were back at school for lunch. A great day was had by all as we bonded and learned together.

By Stacey Broughall


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