Student Council 2020/2021

A huge congratulations goes to our newly formed Student Council 2020/2021 which includes representatives from First to Sixth Year as voted for by their classmates.

Here at St. Paul’s Secondary School, the Student Council has a very important role; they are the voice of all of the students in our care and ambassadors for our school. These ambassadors share with the teachers and management team the views and opinions of our students and discuss how we can make our school even better!

Through this role, the members of the Student Council will have the opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. It enables students to take responsibility for projects, and to demonstrate that they can manage and bring such projects to a successful conclusion.

Our student council will be under the stewardship of Miss Woods and Miss Doyle. All Student Council representatives took part in virtual training provided by the ISSU, making their roles clear and giving them set goals for the academic year.

Well done to the four students Maya Clegg, Jamie Doyle, Amy Lacey, Naomi Ganiyu who took part in a Saturday training session provided by the ISSU.

Student council representitives 2020/21

1A1 Tadhg Perry

1A2 Eirich Meagan Huertas

1A3 Elliot Gillan

1A4 Taylor Carroll Martin

1A5 Jamie Doyle

2A1 Tommy Byrne

2A2 Sarah O’ Reily

2A3 James Brady

2A4 Mikey Baker

2A5 Vlad Lysak

3A1 Séan Nibbs

3A2 Charlie White

3A3 Maya Clegg

3A4 Natasha Ganiyu

TY1 Sophia Irwin

TY2 Katie Harrison

TY3 Oisin Finlay

5A1 Shannon Maher

5A2 Patrick Duffy

5A3 Barry Foy

LCA Adam Collins

6A1 Naomi Ganiyu

6A2 Andrew Murphy

6A3 Amy Lacey

Student Council Workshop 2020 Student Council 2020 Pic


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