St Paul’s 5k Fun Run


fun runLast Friday, on a glorious sunny non-rainy day, the entire population of   the school, students and teachers, plus some energetic parents from the   Parents’ Council, set out on a 5k fun run/walk/jog/crawl around the       environs of the town.

(Above we see the first students/staff home…fresh as daisies…)

In a journey that took a little over an hour, all participants made it back   safely, even the ones who took a wrong turn accidentally along the way.   These lost sheep were safely rounded up by the backmarkers.

Refreshments were provided for the participants at the end of the run, with the defib on standby for the older members of staff who fell in over the line!

fun run 2 Special mention must be made to the three lads who managed  to drag a wheelbarrow of some sort with one of them in it  without having a major accident! (No, not THOSE lads on the right)

All in all, with over 300 participants for this worthwhile        fundraiser, plans are afoot to make ’16 Fun Run even better!


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