Science Week at St Pauls

Science week in St Pauls kicked off with a visit to Kildare Library by all 2nd Year science students and their teachers Ms Doyle and Ms Walsh. The students DSCF1142
attended an Energy workshop which looked at all the challenges facing our world today and our ever increasing demand for energy. The students enjoyed the hands on element of the workshop where they made a solar oven, a water wheel and investigated circuits.

Ms Dowling and the TY Chemistry class organised a competition for the best science fact or joke and samples of these were put around the school.dude

Transition year Biology students dissected and flag labelled laboratory rats and were on hand to display the rats to the rest of the students during lunch hour.

Fifth year students prepared samples of ethene and ethyne gas and had great fun burning these gases. Ethene and ethyne gases are hydrocarbons and are in the same family of compounds that Petrol is made from.

The 1st year science students enjoyed a Science Quiz organised by Ms. Dowling and her TY Chemistry class. The transition year students devised the quiz questions and organised the running of the quiz. The quiz tested their scientific knowledge and observational skills. Great fun was had by all.


sc week

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