Reusable Bottles & TY

‘Message in a Bottle’

Over 50 students from St. Paul’s Secondary School Monasterevin Transition Year participated in an investigation/research on single use plastic bottles .This valuable research study was organised and developed by Monasterevin Tidy Towns in conjunction with the students and teachers at the school. The evidence of much work by the Monasterevin Tidy Towns group is clear for all to see in the Powerpoint Presentation that was produced by the group facilitators including Nuala Cooke and Teresa Troy. These findings are to be presented to the students in Business/Geography classes over the coming weeks in St. Paul’s Secondary School.

Results from the research study included that the majority of students use 2-5 plastic bottles of water per week with most thinking that it tastes better. Convenience was shown also to be a big part in why we buy plastic bottles of water.

Now that we have learned how big of an impact our use of plastic is, everyone is encouraged, especially students, to reduce their use of plastic bottles. As a result of our participation in this investigation, the Monasterevin Tidy Towns generously donated a reusable thermo-flask to each TY student to thank them for their cooperation. Now we will encourage others to change their habits by not using single use plastics as much as possible.

Please always remember that even our smallest actions could have a great impact. 

Angela Leonardo

Jake Whelan

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