Remote Teaching and Learning

During the ongoing school closure teachers are using Google Classroom and school email to provide support and work for students. Teachers may need time to adapt their classroom resources for Google Classroom and to provide feedback to students. Trial and error may be what’s needed for some while but with practice, patience and upskilling, Teachers and Students should get used to this new norm fairly quickly.

In order to access Google classroom, Students need to sign in to their school email in Gmail. It is important that they sign in to their school email and not another personal email as they will only have access through their school email.

Their school email is their (eg.

Their password was provided at the beginning of the year and they had to change it to a new password known to them.

If students are experiencing any difficulties with accessing their email, parents/guardians can email with details of the problem and I will get back to you with a solution.

A gentle reminder to all that all correspondence should be respectful and appropriate and follow the guidelines set out in St Paul’s AUP.

There are many resources and YouTube clips online to help with Google Classroom from a student’s perspective. The following link provides free digital training lessons for students:


Some useful websites:


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