Little Princess Trust

When I started all of this in 2019, I didn’t actually know how much work organising an event like this would take. I approached Mr Bergin at the end of third year and asked him if it would be possible for me to organise a hair donation event. From there I spoke to some teachers about how I could get the event put together and decided to wait until TY to organise it. At the beginning of TY I talked to Ms Dempsey and she helped me put everything together. Over the next few months we decided on the little princess trust for a charity to donate to and began discussing how we were going to hold the event. We decided that we would hold it in March for cancer awareness month. As we got closer to March we put together donation cards and got more girls who were interested in donating their hair involved. Aishling Moraes, Sarah Foster and Rhianna Hirhor all got involved in donating and took cards, along with many other students who took cards but chose not to donate. Sadly, as we were coming up to the donation event date the country went into lockdown due to covid 19. We went into lockdown on the 12th of March and the event was scheduled for the 15th.

When we came back in 5th year I wanted to still donate with Sarah and Rhiana, as Aishling had done it during lockdown. We waited until the hairdressers were open and organised a day to go down to the local hairdressers, Images. Noreen, the owner of Images, had a lot of experience working with the Little Princess Trust and helped us with the donation forms. In the end Sarah donated 15 inches, Rhiana donated 17 inches, Aishling donated 18 inches and I donated 19 inches. We provided enough hair for 4 wigs and raised €1000. It’s a shame we couldn’t do more but I’m very proud of what we all accomplished in lockdown and I’m even more proud of Sarah, Rhiana and Aishling for all stepping up and donating, it was very selfless of them and they all tried their hardest to raise money even while they couldn’t go out.

Una Duffy

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