Irish National Heritage Park 2nd Year History

ferrycarriag6The 2nd Years and their history teachers from St Pauls visited the Irish National Heritage Park in Ferrycarraig where we left behind the 21st century and travelled back in time…

We were guided around the park which contain 13 sites depicting the settlement of man in Ireland from 7000BC to the Viking invasion. All the sites are authentically furnished (that is they look like they did back then) to allow us to see first hand what it was really like for our ancestors.

The guided tour lasted approximately two hours and began with a 15-minute audio-visual ferrycarraid10presentation. One of the park’s experienced costumed tour guides dressed up like a viking bringing the 2nd years back in time starting at the Stone Age, going through the Bronze and Iron Ages, Early Christian Ireland and finishing at the Viking invasion. Each student was expertly guided through the major changes in Irish history, learning how people worked, lived and died, the guide really knew his history stuff.








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