Girls Basketball: St. Paul’s v Kildare Town Community School

St. Paul’s Secondary School v Kildare Town Community School

Girls Basketball

By Katie Harrison


The girls of St. Paul’s Senior and Cadette teams did it again on Tuesday when they brought back two more glorious wins.

The day started off with the Senior match first. By the end of the first quarter they were leading by a staggering eighteen points with Alana Baker scoring seven baskets and Jade Lawlor with three. In the second quarter Kildare Town Community School began to catch up scoring two baskets but Jade Lawlor showed them what we’re made of scoring a three – pointer. The girls kept up the defence not letting the opposition score and finishing the first half thirty to six after some great scores from Amy Lacey, Orla Burke and Afric Doyle.

When the girls stepped onto the court for the second half they were determined to leave with a win. So when the opposition scored two three – pointers our girls fought right back. They finished the third quarter forty – two to fourteen. In the final quarter the girls kept up the good play and won the match 48 – 20.


Alana Baker – ten baskets

Jade Lawlor – four baskets

Amy Lacey – three baskets

Orla Burke – one basket

Afric Doyle – two baskets

Rachel Ryan – three baskets

Abbie Talbot – one basket


Now onto the Cadette girls…

The pressure was on for the girls after the Senior team’s amazing win. They were still determined to prove that they were just as good, or even better and could bring back another win. The girls rounded up the first quarter eighteen to four. We had some great scores from Fimi Babalola, Eimear Hanlon, Abby Kemmy, Orla Hartigan and Christine Worrell. The Cadettes kept up the great defence when the Kildare girls began to catch up. The St. Paul’s girls finished the second quarter ahead by a score of twenty – nine to ten. The girls kept up their amazing game throughout the second half and ended up winning by forty – three to twenty – two. Fimi Babalola, Orla Hartigan, Eimear Hanlon and Katie Harrison scored some amazing baskets during the second half.


Eimear Hanlon – four baskets

Fimi Babalola – four baskets

Abby Kemmy – five baskets

Orla Hartigan – five baskets

Christine Worrell – two baskets

Katie Harrison – three baskets


Well done to both of the teams for coming back with two wins. Best of luck to them in their following matches.


Senior Result

St. Paul’s 48 Kildare Town Community School 20


Cadette Result

St. Paul’s 43 Kildare Town Community School 22

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