Careers Evening 2015

Careers Evening 2015  by Laura Cleary

careers logoOn the 25th of November 2015 our careers teacher, Ms. Garret organised a careers evening for all the senior cycle students (TYs, 5th years and 6th years.)

Ms. Garret’s aim for this evening was to invite as many different people from different occupations in to speak about their career and about their college course, this would give us the students, especially the 6th year student valuable insight into areas that interest them as they will be making their CAO choices later this year. The Careers evening took place during College awareness week, which was the first time, our school St. Pauls, had participated in this week. During this week all the teacher were given a badge with their name, college and degree they obtained and students were encouraged to ask them questions about college life.

Wednesday arrived and with the assembly hall and four other rooms filled with different people from different occupations the carers evening began.

All students prior to the night were given a list of occupations that would be attending. There was a wide variety of careers from apprentiships to medical professions such as doctors. The careers evening ran from 7:30-8:30 giving students enough time to visit at least two different occupations. The rooms and assembly hall were sectioned off into Arts, Medical , Primary care, Defence forces,( Gardai, Fire brigade) etc. There was an occupation there for everyone no matter what his or her interests may be. The majority of senior students came to this evening and the school was buzzing with questions being asked, pens jotting down answers and laughter through the rooms.

When a student got a chance to talk to the professional they were given prior to the evening a list of possible questions to ask them. Students spent on average between 10-15 minutes per person and got a lot questions answered. The students would not be able to get this information with a professional on a one to one basis, as they would not have the contacts to speak to variety of professionals.

The evening ended just after 8:30 when Ms. Garret let the professionals home after a long day’s work. The only complaint I heard from the students was that they wished it was longer!!

On behalf of all the students, I would like to thank Ms. Garret for all the work she does throughout the school and being an active careers guidance teacher. She provides her students with every opportunity and encouragement and she has put a lot of work into this careers evening inviting people in to talk to is, arranging the rooms and making sure we were all prepared for the evening.

Careers evening 2015 was a great success and we hope that this evening will be continued for many years to come.




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