Animal Welfare in St. Paul’s

Animal Welfare group here in St. Paul’s are undertaking an exciting project.  We believe that our world will be a better one when we look after all its inhabitants – human and non-human, feathered and furred.  So, we’re starting right here on our own school grounds.  Over the next few weeks we will be creating the first part of our Wildlife GardenOur dedicated team have already given up their time to tidy, clean, and begin the planning of what we will do to attract everything from bees and butterflies to goldfinches to hedgehogs into our dedicated space.  Over the coming weeks we will plant wildflower seeds, put in hedgehog and bird feeders, build bird and bat boxes, and keep the area free of litter to allow nature to thrive.  We’re very lucky that we already have lots of established growth and trees around the margins of our grounds, so all we’re doing is giving nature a helping hand.  Watch this space!




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