Third Year Religious Education Trip

Third Year Religious Education Trip

By Erin Meredith

On Thursday the 17th of September third year students accompanied by Ms Eogan, Ms Murray and Fr Liam set off for Glendalough, Co Wicklow as part of the preparation for the journal associated with the Junior Certificate Religious course.

religion trip 2The bus journey there was an experience in itself as we made our way through the beautiful Wicklow Mountains. On arrival we were met by Sister Bride who works as a tour guide at Glendalough. She brought us inside to watch a movie explaining the background and history of this ancient site. After that the walking tour commenced and we visited the various points of interest, including, the monastic city and the lake where St Kevin once stood.

We all agreed that it was a most enjoyable day combining education, exercise and fun. Now that we are armed with lots of useful information for our religion journals, the process of writing it up can begin!!

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