6th year Construction Studies Carlow IT Trip

St. Pauls Leaving Cert. Construction Studies students participated in a very enjoyable and educational visit to Carlow I.T. to see hands on experience on the science behind common construction industry methodology and materials. On arrival students had 30 minutes to roam the grounds of the college to experience college life before gathering in a large lecture hall where they were broken into smaller groups. From here students experienced live lectures, working labs and modern technology, including using a €17000 thermal imaging camera. Students participated in 4 different experiments and joined an ensightful lecture on the importance of passively designed homes. Students found the experience very enjoyable and a meaningful revisional excercise for the leaving cert. construction examination, while giving them an extra incentive to progress to college after seeing what’s available to them.  The positive feedback from the trip will strongly encourage our school to make this particular workshop in Carlow IT to be an annual event!

carlow 1

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