5th Year LCA & Tidy Towns

The St Paul’s fifth year LCA class undertook a trip to Riverside Park to help the Tidy Towns Committee plant bluebells. This is an initiative in which Monasterevin Tidy Towns are working with Kildare County Council to focus and develop projects on making Monasterevin Biodiversity Friendly. Kildare County council have engaged Green Pine Consultants to advise and support us in producing a five year plan, which should be finalised by November 2020. 

Tidy Towns have started on one of the projects this Autumn- planting native Bluebells in Riverside Park. They asked if some of the pupils would help in this planting and the LCA class did not disappoint. They first, measured out the areas to be planted using a trundle wheel and calculated the area, and using information provided they were able to calculate the seeding rate. They then measured out 10 cm distances between planting and used planter and hard work to plant over 1000 bulbs. 

It was a lovely afternoon where young people learned the importance of community responsibility and saw the tireless work that the Tidy Towns Committee put in. Thanks to the LCA class who worked so hard and to the Committee for giving us the opportunity to help. We look forward to helping out with further projects.

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