St Paul’s fundraiser for Children’s Foundation

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Over the last few weeks, Ms. Murray’s 3rd Year CSPE students have been fundraising for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, as part of their Junior Cert, CSPE Action Project.

They were fundraising for CNCF’S Bicycle Support Programme, which provides underprivileged children, in countries such as Vietnam, with bikes to travel to school. This allows children the opportunity to get an education.

The students organised three fundraisers in aid of this programme; a sponsored stay awake, a jersey day and a bake sale. The stay awake raised €668.00, the jersey day raised €305.00 and the bake sale raised €141.00. The bake sale was held at St. Evin’s primary school, where the vice Principal Ms. French generously donated €315.00 towards the bicycle support programme.

Overall students raised €1,429.00 towards CNCF’s bicycle support programme in Vietnam. Students enjoyed making a difference and supporting those less fortunate than themselves. The funds raised will go towards the cost of buying 13 bicycles for 13 lucky children in Vietnam. A bike can make the world of difference to whether a child attends school or drops out of education. Well done to all involved.


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