1916 Sackvillestreet Art Project

St Paul`s 5th year art class are taking part in an exciting art project: “1916 Sackvillestreet Art Project”. The aim of the project is to remember the 262 civilians that died during the 1916 Easter Rising. The school registered and received our civilian: Mary Brunswick. Pupils were asked to research their civilian and then make a “house” that reflected the person. Pupils were put into groups and asked to work together as a team to create a house. They were then judged by Mr. Ferry (Historical Content) and Maria Connolly (Artistic Content). A winning house was selected. This house will now become part of the Sackvillestreet Art Project!!

The Winning House





house 2


The Winning Team: Philip Shallow, Ian Kelly, Frank Gillen, Craig O’Toole and Jordan Bolger…Well Done Lads!!!

house 3

house 4





                Side View                                                                                           Back View

The Exhibition will be displayed on O’Connell Street in Dublin on Easter Monday and will then travel around the country to various locations…so watch out for it!!

A big well done to all the pupils who took part!! (Ms. Doyle)


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